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The highest quality granite available in the sherwood park

Having a Granite counter-top is by far the most popular and valuing increasing feature to renovate your home with. Sherwood Park Granite offers a variety of styles and colors to make sure that the granite you install in your home is well suited for the space you are renovating. It is important to talk with one of the specialists at Sherwood Park Granite to make sure that the granite you have chosen suits your home and will not go out of style by the time you go to sell your home.

Sherwood Park Granite

What you get when your order Granite:

Granite is a naturally occurring stone with each slab having unique properties. In addition, all Sherwood Park Granite will be delivered in one piece cut and customized specifically for the space it is intended for. While no two granite counter-tops are exactly the same, we work hard to ensure that we can provide our customers with the granite in the color, size, and style of their preference. In order to ensure that your granite stays in optimal condition, it will be frequently be treated with stone sealer and stone cleaner when deemed necessary by Sherwood Park Granite.


Advantages of Granite 

There are many advantages to having granite in your home or business. For one, granite adds a lot of value to your property when you go to sell it. The additional increase in resale value of your home or business space alone provides a lot of incentive to install granite. Also, each slab of granite is unique, which means that granite will provide a one of a kind look and style to your home that cannot be replicated anywhere else. As mentioned earlier, Granite is more resistant than other surfaces to wear, heat, and bacteria. Lastly, Granite is available in many colors, and rarely needs sealing.


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